Each month you will receive a computerized statement. It will indicate at the bottom of the page the Amount Due Now. Please pay that amount in the return envelope included with the statement. This statement will also show you the amount of insurance payments and also the balance remaining until you are paid in full. If you are "ahead" of your payment schedule it is likely that you will not be billed.

We do not charge interest or have late charges. Just as you expect the best possible orthodontic care, we expect payments to be kept up to date.

If you should have any questions regarding financing, please discuss them with us. We wish to work as a team to ensure excellent service and communication.

If for any reason you fall behind in your financial arrangements, please do NOT miss appointments; this can adversely affect treatment. If you should fall behind in your payments, we will courteously remind you about our arrangements.

Usually, the monthly installment payments for treatment are spread over the number of months of active treatment. There are never any finance charges.  However, we request that financial arrangements be paid up to date at the time of braces removal.

When you have completed your financial arrangements there will be no additional charges even if treatment has not been completed or if treatment takes longer than anticipated. The only exception to this is an additional charge for a new retainer. The initial retainers and retainer visits are included in our fee. If, however, a retainer is lost. broken or worn out, there is a replacement charge.

You will not be "nickel and dimed." There is NO charge for broken or canceled appointments. There is NO additional charge for emergency visits. There is NO charge for breakage or repair of the braces. There is NO charge if treatment takes longer than anticipated.

We also offer automatic payment via credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. CareCredit is also available as an option. It is a payment plan with a third party that will allow you to spread out payments for up to four years with NO initial payment. Ask our treatment coordinators for details. You can access your financial and insurance information by accessing our web site and using a private access code.

Your TRUTH-IN-LENDING form is your copy of all financial arrangements.

A Discussion about Finances Related to Orthodontics

Many patients' families are concerned about the cost of orthodontic care. Let us assure you that we will work with you to fit orthodontic expenses into your  budget. We also will work with your insurance company (if applicable) to decrease your out-of-pocket expenses.

We believe in being up-front about expenses. All fees will be discussed with you, so you will always be aware of the cost of a procedure. Our treatment coordinators will review in detail the fees involved with your recommended treatment and will gladly finance the cost over the months of treatment. We never charge an interest fee for the monthly breakdown.

We also offer other convenient payment options. Many patients wish to simply pay with their credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We will present an option of automatic monthly billing to your credit or debit card.


We also provide a service called, CareCredit. This is a dental credit card for which you can apply. CareCredit will then bill you monthly. This type of payment has two advantages.

  • Payment can be spread over several years.
  • There is no initial payment.

An initial payment is the payment due at the beginning of treatment and is typically one quarter of the overall fee, the balance being paid out monthly over the course of anticipated treatment time.

We go out of our way to make your payment schedule convenient and manageable. We believe that no patient should have financial considerations stand in the way from proceeding with orthodontic treatment.

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